Avoiding a Scene: Hollywood Couples

Faillure in relationshipPsychiatrists have been studying the music and film stars in order to understand why there has been failure in relationships seen in today’s times. They have traced the actual cause in the way in which these Hollywood stars have projected their personal lives in front of the media. These experts have come up with two solutions that need to be followed in order to retain and maintain stable and healthy relationships:

  • Chuck excessive emotions: Emotions are what make us human. But don’t overuse it. Emotions are precious and we must not waste it on trivial issues that come our way. Learn to regulate the excessive emotions. Don’t cry at a drop of a hat. Don’t get agitated by little things. Never expose your emotions to people you do not know. It is not correct to weep at every little sorrow. Strength and fortitude are two qualities that are extremely attractive in a person. We interact with countless people everyday and hence there will be a range of emotions that we will fill as a result. Don’t show an extreme display of emotion. Learn to be subtle and dignified in your approach. Even happiness must not be excessively shown nor should sadness. These will come and go but we must learn to control the urge to burst out every time something happens to us. Emotions can be addictive and some may only wallow in depression or sadness because it gives them a certain high. This does not help in any which way. It is best to control emotions. This way you prioritize all the good things in yourself. Be responsible for your emotions and do not go about displaying it to any type of audience.
  • Composure- As mentioned in the earlier point, emotions can be harmful if they are in excess. Most intelligent people can sense when a person is emotionally unstable and hence they steer clear away from them. This is not the sort of quality you would want in yourself. You need to be composed. Composure is a difficult quality to acquire. Most get very flustered at the littlest things and can be a very socially awkward thing. Successful people are the ones who control emotions and maintain composure. They are successful because they have learnt how to master the art of composure and hence exude charm and dignity. These qualities make anyone attractive not only to self but also others.